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Welcome to the OTC Drugs Database Page (in French: Base MVL)!

The OTC Drugs Database includes all drugs included in the schedules II and III of the above regulation, as well as most off-schedules products, that is products that can be sold outside pharmacies and that are listed in the database as out schedule that «hors annexe» products. The database is available freely to pharmacists and other users as a public service.

One must note that drug scheduling in Québec is not the same as in Canadian jurisdictions. Thus, a product can be in schedule III according to NDSAC, and in schedule II in Québec, or the opposite. In the same manner, inscription in the NDSAC database does not included inscription in our «Base MVL».

The update of the database is done weekly, with the help of drug manufacturers and wholesalers (see below). The Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec wishes to thank them for providing us with the correct information about their products. We rely on them to keep on providing this information on a timely manner.

The Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec is the only owner of this data base, for which he assumes all building and updating expenses. Since the Ordre des

Pharmaciens relies of outside sources (that is drug manufacturers or wholesalers), the Ordre cannot guarantee that all products on the market are included in the database, neither that there are no mistakes in it. Therefore, the regulation itself is the only official source about drug scheduling in Québec, and the Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec denies all responsibility about such mistakes. Anyone finding an error or an omission in database should contact us without delay.

Warning: ensuring that drugs (including natural health products) offered on the Canadian market are safe, effective and of high quality is the responsibility of Health Canada , and not of the Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec. The fact that a drug or a natural health product can be found on this database is by no means an opinion about the value of that drug or product, neither a judgment about its use in any clinical situation. For all questions on that matter, the customer is invited to speak to his or her pharmacist.

Access to the OTC Drugs Database (Base MVL)

User’s guide to the OTC Drugs Database Page

Search for a product
The search tool is on the bottom left of the page. It’s possible to search by product’s brand name or by DIN. It’s sufficient to give only the first letters of the name, which will bring you all products with those letters.

Getting a report
The search tool is on the upper left of the page. Several kind reports are available, and all can be printed. Each report gives the drug’s name, its pharmaceutical form, it’s strength, Identification number, Drug caution code, UPC code, sizes and comments (if available).

It’s possible, by choosing the appropriate tab, to produce reports by schedule, by pharmaceutical form, by pharmacological class, by ingredient, by manufacturer. This will bring you to a second page, where you will be asked to specify the information needed. To only get recent changes, just give the first and last dates.


Adding a new product or changing data on a product.

For a new product, you give the requested information;

For a size addition or any other modification, you can search the product by using its brand name or its identification number (DIN-DINHM-NPN);

If you cannot find an ingredient or a concentration, you can, if needed, leave a comment (see space reserved for this use);

Give all the requested information and click on OK;

The demand will be transferred to be classified. After 7 to 10 days the product will be available on the OTC Drugs Database;

IMPORTANT : For sizes or ingredients, do not forget to click on update at the end of each line, otherwise when you send the data, nothing will show.

Adding or modifying  a product in the OTC Durgs Database (Base MVL)

If you need help : 514 284-9588 #304 or 1 800 363-0324 or basemvl@opq.org


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